Vacations and diets.

2 Sep

Today marks the second day of my month-long quest for better health and fitness. After only one day, I can tell this will be tough. My first day of my challenge fell on a Saturday. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, except this Saturday was the kick-off to Labor Day weekend, and I have joined my family for a mini-vacation at Lake Chelan, in Chelan, WA.

Many people who have tried dieting or to implement healthy options into their life find it hard to keep up with this while on vacation. Often times, a vacation does not include easy-access to fitness equipment and usually involves a lot of snacking, eating out and drinking (alcohol is a HUGE dose of empty calories).

Needless to say, my impromptu trip out of town was not well-planned when I realized that it’s beginning also marked the start of my challenge. Snacks like crackers and dip and chips and salsa (my Achilles heel) were all around from the moment I got here. While I controlled my snacking and did very well with portion control at dinner (I had a half-sized sandwich of my uncle’s famous brisket, a very hard thing to pass up seconds of), I failed miserably with consuming empty calories throughout the day. 

‘How could I not have a beer on the boat?’ I asked myself. While one beer wouldn’t have hurt, it is hard to resist another cold one after hours in the sun. A cold ‘one’ ended up being more like a cold five throughout the day, adding up to about 700 avoidable calories. Next time, I’ll go for a Diet Pepsi. 

While I definitely didn’t live up to the eating right and working out goals yesterday, I did get enough sleep. I went to bed at midnight, a full hour earlier than I do at home, and a full two hours earlier than the rest of my family. I must’ve needed some re-charging because I fell asleep instantly (usually a miracle, I toss and turn for hours some nights), and stayed sound asleep until 10 a.m. 

Hopefully, I can get back on track today with eating healthy, since I don’t have any place to exercise in the way I need to burn calories. My usual method of exercising is to burn enough so that I’d break even after eating and drinking. With this month’s challenge I hope to have enough ‘left-over’ calories so that I start seeing results. 

My next assignment for this challenge is to find a diet and fitness plan that will help me stay on track. I am the kind of person who likes my day’s assignment’s and tasks written out in black and white. With daily to-do’s and to-eat’s I hope I will keep myself more accountable for my calorie intake and exercising.

Here are some articles I have found with tips for staying on track when on a vacation. Do you have any tips of your own? Please share!

Glamour vacation tips

Shape vacation tips

Fitness Magazine post-vacation tips



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